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Get ready to spread love and only love as the month of February is coming near. We all know that the month February is famous for Happy Valentines Day. This year it will be known as Valentines Day 2021. On this day people express their love to their close ones and wish to get same in return. People actually start celebrating it 7 days before where each day represents something related to love. These 7 days are together called as Valentines Week which will be termed as Valentines Week 2021 this year. There 7 days are crucial for lovers as each day is related to an activity like giving teddies, chocolates etc. which they do to keep expressing their love towards each other. Lovers should start planning on what to do during this week from now only so that later there wont be any problem. On these days couples plan to do something romantic like going on a date or dinner or watching movies which can become memorable. Gifts are also best seller during valentines week as lovers surprise one another by gifting various things. Couples promise to each other that their relationship will be stronger than anything else and pray to keep the happy relationship going on forever without any issues. In this digital era, we are helping everyone to spread their love with us so we are providing you the latest, best and updated content related to Valentines Week.

Valentines Week 2021

As you know the week from 7th February to 14th February is known as valentines week. Each day during this week is referenced by an romantic activity which couples or lovers have to perform. The week starts with Rose day on 7th February . As the name suggests on this day couples or lovers gives roses to each other and spread their feeling of love. Next comes Propose Day on 8th February and that’s when boys or girls confesses their love and propose to their loved one. Next comes Chocolate Day on 9th February when couples gift chocolates to one other. Next comes Teddy Day on 10th February on which teddies are gifted between lovers. Next comes Promise Day on 11th February when couples or lovers make promises to one other mostly about their relationship being strong and happy forever. Next comes Hug Day on 12th February and that’s when tight hugs are exchanged between lovers which spreads a feeling of trust. Next comes Kiss day on 13th February and that’s when couples or lovers kiss each other and those kisses are said to heal everything. Next finally comes the day everyone has been waiting since whole week and that’s Happy Valentines Day 2021. On this final day of valentines week, couples go on date or create memories which they could remember forever. We are providing you the valentine calendar of whole week so you can easily know about the dates of these days.

Valentine's Week Day


Rose Day

7th February 2021

Propose Day

8th February 2021

Chocolate Day

9th February 2021

Teddy Day

10th February 2021

Promise Day

11th February 2021

Hug Day

12th February 2021

Kiss Day

13th February 2021

Valentines Day

14th February 2021

Happy Rose Day 2021

Roses represent the unconditional love and affection. Rose Day is celebrated on 7th of February every year. On this day couples gift roses to each other and promise that their relationship lasts long forever. Some marks the start of their relationship using this day and some are already in relationship. In today’s era, Mostly people prefer wishing or gifting someone online using social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp etc. We also that currently COVID-19 is going on due to which we have to follow strict social distancing. So many people prefer not going out due to this and prefer to celebrate rose day online. We have collected some handpicked stuffs related to Rose Day 2021 like Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Greetings, Images, Wallpapers, Status, Animations and many more related stuffs which you can send online to your partner and show your care and love towards them. You can choose and click on the buttons down below and they will take you to your chosen destination.

Rose Day Wishes 2021